Straight of the bat hopefully you can see that we are not trying to hard sell you our services and that is because we mostly work on our own projects.

We do however welcome the opportunity to work with people and business that like what we do. Almost all of our clients are from a recommendation or because they like what we have done on a specific project and followed the little link in the footer.

We don’t hard sell and if after we have a chat about a project either party is not 100% ready to work together, we call it a day no hard feelings. If though everything is acceptable we can use our skills to make that project a reality.

We also are very aware that not everyone is a computer wiz so always offer a product that can be easily managed and maintained without a computer science degree.

Just some of the services we offer are;

  • Websites for small business, individuals, clubs, groups or charities
  • Ecommerce webshops
  • HTTPS Setup (Search engines now don’t like websites that are not encrypted and penalise them and even show warnings to users not to use them, we can get websites secured so they just work)
  • Hosting packages (Unlimited, fast and eco friendly hosting packages)
  • SEO (Thats getting your website to list well in Google and other search engines)
  • Bug fixing current websites
  • Payment portals and integrations
  • GDPR training or enhancement of current websites to ensure GDPR compliance. (Yes its boring but its the law and failure to adhere to it could land you a VERY large fine)
  • Android Application Development
  • Development of time saving programs (Why not let a computer do the boring tasks you hate and save your precious time?)
  • Graphic Design
  • Artwork for apps and websites (Provided through our very talented creative’s who have a huge amount experience in their individual art styles)

Not listed the skillset you are looking for?

We are very fortunate to have connections with lots of talented people who we can use or who we can connect you with if your project is out of our rather comprehensive combined skillset.